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Le Botticelli


In 2022, the Botticelli makes its 27th appearance at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is our favorite moment every year.

That's why we have designed a special offer for speed lovers. 

 Ready to take your offer? On your marks, get set, to the Botticelli! 

Le Botticelli chef

The Formula 1 Grand Prix at Le Botticelli

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most prestigious races in the world. Its urban circuit was designed in 1929. From Le Botticelli, you can watch the Monaco Grand Prix in ideal conditions, directly inside the circuit. 

Located in the heart of the Monaco circuit, the restaurant offers an exceptional view on the Sainte Devote bend and the casino climb, and also on the straight line after the chicanne, the tobacco bend up to the pool.

Le Botticelli offers a double view on the circuit and has a capacity of 300 seats during the event.

For the Grand Prix, we offer you an exclusive package including the ticket, the meal and a breathtaking view.

Take part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Grand Prix entrance ticket

  • Choose your formula and participate in the event

Special menu

  • We propose a menu including a starter, a main course, a dessert, 1/2 bottle of wine and a coffee

An exceptional view

  • Comfortably seated with a drink in hand, every moment at the Grand Prix from Le Botticelli is a pure pleasure

Formula 1 Grand Prix Ticket and meal package

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

24 – 26 May 2023

Ave KennedyPodium1er Etage
Package 2 jours
Sam + Dim
Package 3 jours

Historic Grand PrixLe tarif comprend le billet et le repas

Historic Grand Prix

11 – 13 May 2022

Ave KennedyPodium1er Etage
350 €550 €650 €

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